More on Walter Cronkite

Memory Studies, an interdisciplinary, international journal Photo Titlededicated to collective memory, just published an article I wrote with my friend and frequent collaborator Dan Berkowitz. We were interested in what the journalistic community were doing with the memory of Walter Cronkite following his death in July 2009. Although both working and retired journalists hailed his work and recalled, however mythically, his cultural weight during the heyday of television news, we were surprised at how distant Cronkite was made out to be. Rather than a model of news, Cronkite became a symbolic relic of another era–one long gone. This created a complicated situation in which Cronkite was both revered and cast aside. It demonstrates the limits communities face when drawing on past memories to bolster authoritative standing in the present. Now, after writing two papers about Cronkite, I have to find time to read all 832 pages of this. Can I wait for the movie?


About Matt Carlson

Associate Professor of Communication Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication University of Minnesota
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